Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wedding Rosmiana & Pasangan

Location : Taman Desa Pelacungan, Ipoh
Date : 26 March 2011
Theme : Purple + White

Theme : Purple + White

Thanks to Rusmiana's family =)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Coming soon in May 2011.

Hye Everyone,

Alhamdulillah & Syukur,
And Thanks a lot to Syarifah Marlina Asyikin a.k.a Ina for choosing me to make your " Pelamin Reception & Hantaran " for their Big Day.
For " Ina & Fazreen ", Congratulation in Advance !

Ina & Fazreen

In progress :
Oleh sebab Majlis Resepsi Ina & Fazreen di sebelah malam.....so we plan nak letak lampu lantern something like this, (thanks to Mashe Razali for the ideas) :p

sumber from google

Then, untuk bunga pelamin, kami akan fullfill kan dengan fresh flower.

So Guys,
Check it out on May coming =)

Majlis Berendoi " Damia Fashla"

Location : Ipoh
Date : 5 March 2011

Bunga Telur

Buaian Berendoi in Lovely Pink

Damia Fashla

Anyone interest to rental this cradle.
Ask me for the best price =)
Tel : 012-5913071 or leave the comment here or
Email : mais.design.gallery@gmail.com

Wedding Anida + Wan

Location : Taman Desa Pinji, Ipoh
Date : 3 Fabruary 2011

Theme : Ala Garden

Congrats to Pengantin!

Sireh Junjung

Thanks a lot Kak Nida & Husband!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wedding Intan + Firdaus

Location : Pengkalan, Ipoh
Date : 01 January 2011

Theme : White + Red


Bilik Pengantin

Congrates to Pengantin!

Its my 1st Job...
But, Syukur... Bride was like it!! =)

Hello Everyone!!

Hi everyone, 1stly thank you so much for visiting my page.
Alhamdulllial syukur..  Atas dorongan family tercinta dan rakan-rakan, maka terhasil lah Mai Design Gallery ... Semoga mendapat barakah dan keberkatan dariNya...

This page is mainly about my service as Wedding Planner & Home Decorations. I also provide others service like : Pelamin, Hantaran and Cradle for Majlis Berendoi. And also, something that i got in cheap price, and i sell it with the best price =)
So guys, i need your supports!
See you :D